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Following on from last year’s huge success and comeback of the beloved Star Wars franchise, Lucas film decided to fill in the void between episodes by releasing standalone film, Rogue One: A Star Wars Story (just in case you didn’t know).

So basically, the lovable rebels steal the plans for the Death Star (if you haven’t heard of this by now, you may as well stop reading at this point).

The spin-off leads up to the inevitable destruction of the Death Star and although we know the ultimate ending, it’s still interesting to watch a new set of characters fight the oh-so-familiar storm troopers.

Pros: as the film isn’t tied into the (never-ending) plot of the episodes, Garth Edwards has a little bit more freedom with his choice of characters.

Cons: it’s still the same world and cinematic setup that we’ve come to know and love but it just doesn’t have the same impact. Edwards has thrown this together just to quench Star Wars fans’ thirst.

I mean, it can’t be too bad. Previously, all we knew about these secret heroes came from one, elusive line: ‘… rebel spies managed to steal secret plans to the empire’s ultimate weapon…’

In a way it’s a welcoming change from the lightsaber-dancing Jedis. After all, we can’t all be Jedis you know and not all heroes carry lightsabers (that’s the line, right?). These forgotten soldiers are the type of heroes we need in our own incredibly fragile world right now. They are ordinary activists standing up against bigoted dictators.

At times the film’s plot gets a little messy. Who’s good? Who’s bad? To be honest I got a little lost and I’m not 100% confident. And who the hell is the mysterious pilot, and who even cares?

It may steer away from our usual Star Warsy heroes, but fear not, Edwards has thrown in a lovable imperial droid who has been specially rewired for our entertainment. I’m not one to make sweeping statements but it wouldn’t be Star Wars without one.

Edwards’ family flick embraces the original aesthetic (and we’d expect no less at this point!) but with tell-tale touches of 2016.

Overall the message is inspiring; it reminds us of the sacrifices that have gone down and the importance of the little man that can relate to anything from political rule to business success.

Anyway, maybe I’m being too critical; now that we know this secret inside information, a whole generation might reconnect with the well-known plot and make it new again.