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Film Review: Spider-Man: Homecoming

Image result for spider-man homecomingI’ve always had a thing for Spider-Man. No, not the fictional teenage boy, but the franchise itself. Unfortunately, despite being played by some hugely talented actors, it’s never quite lived up to the likes of Iron Man and Guardians of the GalaxyContinue reading “Film Review: Spider-Man: Homecoming”


Film Review: War for Planet of the Apes

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I love dystopian plots. It’s probably (definitely) my favourite genre. The “Planet of the Apes” trilogy falls into this genre and I’m happy to report that overall, it’s bloody good. Continue reading “Film Review: War for Planet of the Apes”

Film Review: The Mummy

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Big names. Big trailer. Big promises. Small success. That pretty much sums up Alex Kurtzman’s The Mummy. Next. Continue reading “Film Review: The Mummy”

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