Film Review: Ghostbusters

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It seems I have been waiting for this film my entire life. Okay, maybe not this film. But a film where a group of badass women (and I say women, not girls) conquer the screen without a sniff of testosterone. Continue reading “Film Review: Ghostbusters”


Film Review: Deadpool

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I wanted to watch Deadpool the moment I heard the badass beats and witty quips in the trailer. It was pretty clear from get go that this was not Marvel’s average superhero flick.

Continue reading “Film Review: Deadpool”

Film Review: The Lady in the Van

The true story of Alan Benett and Miss Shepherd, who temporarily parked her van in his driveway and ended up staying for 15 years, is not a new one; in 1989 Bennett released a short book, before a play with the same name was produced in 1999. Continue reading “Film Review: The Lady in the Van”

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