Film Review: Dunkirk

Image result for dunkirkChristopher Nolan rarely disappoints and you’ll be happy (or disappointed if you’re not a fan) to hear (read) that he can add Dunkirk to his list of examples.  Continue reading “Film Review: Dunkirk”


Film Review: Baby Driver

Image result for baby driverIf you’re a petrol-head, you’re probably going to like Baby Driver. If you’re not a petrol-head, you’re probably going to like Baby Driver. No typos here, just pure straight-forward talking.  Continue reading “Film Review: Baby Driver”

Film Review: Get Out

Image result for get out

Get Out is the horror movie that we need right now. However, even if we were to disregard its exquisite timing, it would still go down as one of the most creepy and twisted horror films I’ve ever seen as it hangs on the edge of a very real racial nightmare that for some is an everyday reality. Continue reading “Film Review: Get Out”

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