Film Review: Baby Driver

Image result for baby driverIf you’re a petrol-head, you’re probably going to like Baby Driver. If you’re not a petrol-head, you’re probably going to like Baby Driver. No typos here, just pure straight-forward talking.  Continue reading “Film Review: Baby Driver”


Film Review: Churchill

Image result for churchill FILMYou’ve heard the name but do you know the man behind it? Probably. Either way, John Slatterly’s biopic decides to focus on the 96 hours before D-Day and Churchill’s own passionate attempts to stop the plans from going ahead.  Continue reading “Film Review: Churchill”

Film Review: The Mummy

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Big names. Big trailer. Big promises. Small success. That pretty much sums up Alex Kurtzman’s The Mummy. Next. Continue reading “Film Review: The Mummy”

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